April 10-16 every year, homeopaths and supporters in over 40 countries celebrate and share knowledge of this invaluable healing science with the public during free events.  Those include lectures, panels, free/reduced clinics, art & informational exhibits, articles, printed materials, social networking, documentary viewings, TV & radio interviews and much more!

This event is called World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW). Since the start in 2003 each WHAW has greatly increased the awareness, accessibility, and use of homeopathy around the world!

As an all-volunteer organization and yearly event we greatly appreciate your support to assure our success.  Here are the levels of sponsorship you may consider:

€ 1500 & above - WHAO International Sponsor
Your logo on brochures and logo/web link on our website for 1 year

€ 1000
Your logo/website link on our website for 1 year

€ 750
Your logo/website link on our website for 6 months

€ 400
Your logo/website link on our website for 4 months


WHAO is an international non-profit organization.
We collaborate with all major homeopathic organizations around the world in promoting our mission to make homeopathy a household word and to prosper.

An example of the outcome of our efforts is that in the U.S. alone, each WHAW brings homeopathic awareness to over a million people directly and grows exponentially throughout the year via social networking, articles, internet radio interviews and blogging & word of mouth.  Multiply that by the efforts of all participating countries, and we have tremendous growth in the awareness and accessibility of homeopathy from every WHAW and their ripple effects.


This is volunteer based Organisation and only runs on the support of Homeopathic Pharmacy Companies   and your generous donation . please donate as much as you can , Click below to donate with credit card or paypal , on the secure website.  


We hope to partner with you in this mutual mission!


Warm regards,
Chair, WHAO

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Thank you for helping Homeopathy grow!!