What can you do to promote WHAW?


Please send your event info to the WHAO General Sec.  so it can be promoted on our website - and for our efforts & success to be visible.

  • Send out an email to your mailing list informing everyone about WHAW.
  • Contact health shops, libraries, moms groups, sports organizations, health clubs, schools, offices, etc. and arrange to give talks, answer questions, share your experiences, hand out awareness materials, treat acutes, educate staff, hold contests, art projects, etc.
  • Contact homeopharmaceutical companies, homeopathic bookstores, health food stores or other sources for donations of samples, remedy kits, books to use in drawings, hand-outs, clinics for the poor, etc.
  • Promote homeopathy through newspaper, magazine and online interviews and articles to be published before or during WHAW.
  • Plan lectures in your area.
  • Organize radio or TV spots to promote WHAW via free PSA (public service announcements) and/or interviews.
  • Organize musical concerts/stage concerts/skits/plays,etc. with a homeopathic theme.
  • Set up a display at your local library, community center, school or health food store.
  • Hand out WHAW stickers, balloons, brochures, bookmarks and posters.
  • Host open houses.
  • Offer a free/discounted clinic at your office or school
  • Contact the editor of a local newspaper or magazine to interview you for an article on homeopathy to be published before/during WHAW.
  • Wear green awareness ribbons during WHAW.
  • Contact other homeopaths in your area and organize group events.
  • Add a link from your website to the WHAW website.
  • Send in your photographs of WHAW for the website!
  • Share information on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Write blogs.
  • Have a table or booth with hand-outs at conventions & conferences.
  • Join us on Facebook and Twitter (links on main page)

All events must be free!