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Lithuania had a succesful WHAW 2013
Here is an overview of activities:

Daiva Jakuboniene

Lithuania homeopathy and homotoxicology Association of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Medical Academy organize an international conference "Natural therapies in the  medical practice" on the 12th of April in Vilnius and on the 13th of April in Kaunas (more on

On the 11th of April the president  of Lithuania homeopaths MD PhD A.Bagdonavicius will give a lecture on homeopathy during pharmacist training course in  Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

The Center of Natural therapy doctors homeopaths D.Jakubonienė and J.Baikauskienė held a seminar "Fever and colds. Natural Treatment. " on the 15th of April at 6.30 pm.

Lukiškių pharmacy suggest 10% discount to all homeopathic medicines during WHAW.

Great pharmacy (Didzioji vaistine) in Panevezys  will make 5% discount to Heel companies homeopathic medicines during WHAW..

In the Center of Natural therapy (Naturaliosios terapijos centrs) the patients will be consulted costless about the use of Guna homeopathic remedies on the 15 the of April from 9 am to 1 pm. Registration in advance is necessary.

In the Taurakalnio health home (Taurakalnio sveikatos namai) doctor Gema Galvydytė will make free consultations about use of Dr. Schüssler-salts . Registration is required.

O.Pauliukevičiaus therapeutic cabinet in Kėdainiai will apply a 10% discount for the first homeopathic consultation.

J.Lazutkienė's private enterprise in Vilnius will apply a 10% discount to homeopathic consultation price.

On  22-23 of April  the international ECHAMP Assembly "Homeopathic and anthroposophic products in Lithuania and Latvia." will take place in  Vilnius, Radisson Blue Hotel Astoria.

On the 13th of April ( Kaunas, Business Leaders Centre (BLC), K.Donelaičio g. 62 / V.Putvinskio g. 53)the  international conference for health professionals “Public health problems in nour day society”. The aim of the conference is a training of health professionals in  use of Dr. Schüssler-salts.

Lithuania had a succesful WHAW 2013

Here is an overview of  activities:
  • Three conferences in Vilnius and Kaunas had from 100   to 300 participants. Most of them were doctors of different specialities and   pharmacists.
  • In the ECHAMP yearly meeting which took part on 22-23   of April in Vilnius there were near 40 participants from the companies   producing homeopathic and antroposophic remedies. The members of Ministry of   Health also were among participants.
  • Some pharmacies suggested discounts for homeopathic   remedies.
  • There were possibilities to get a free or cheaper   consultation of homeopathic doctors in different cities during   WHAW.