Kenya!!!! with the Kenyan Society of Homeopaths

Brief History of Homeopathy in Kenya
Homeopathy was first introduced to Kenya around 1928 by the late Dr. A. Bhatti, an immigrant from Lahore. Since then until around the 1998, homeopathy was confined to a few Indian-Pakistani trained and British or European-trained Kenyans and expatriots. During those years, Dr. Bhatti and his son, plus a number of others would time to time extend their services beyond their own practices, to charity clinics for the poor or at villages. The extent of impact of homeopathy in Kenya was mainly limited to the educated Asian and European communities.

From 1998 onwards there was a fresh burst of activity and interest to bring homeopathy to Kenya. This was through the work of various local and international individuals and organizations to bring homeopathy to the people of Kenya at large.

Today in Kenya
Some training began in year 2000, and Kenya can now boast the presence of about 50 active homeopaths of all backgrounds, about 20 shop-front clinics in cities and villages, numerous mobile clinics and a number of homeopaths practising from their home offices.

Thanks to the continuing efforts of various individuals, homeopathy is fast becoming a household word in Kenya. A few remarkable contributors are:

  • Dr. M Bhatti, Dr. Nayna Patel and others have been regularly involved in charity clinics.
  • Dr. Narender Singh frequently writes in the media about homeopathy
  • Didi Ananda Ruchira and the members of Abha Light Foundation have done extensive work in training Kenyans and setting up clinics in all parts of Kenya. ALF has done groundbreaking work in the fields of HIV treatment and Malaria prevention. ALF also has established a complete pharmacy outlet making homeopathic medicines available locally and cheaply.
  • Other projects have been conducted by Homeopaths Without Borders (Germany) and Stichting 4Kenia (NL). Over the years numerous volunteers have temporarily joined different projects to help the people of Kenya and assist in training Kenyans.

The Kenyan Society of Homeopaths has established itself

  • as a professionals organization and the national register of professional homeopaths
  • to maintain the standards and ethics of the profession for the benefit of patients and the public
  • to promote homeopathy to the public
  • to protect the interests of the profession
  • to liaison with the various government bodies regarding issues concerning the profession