About the WHAO

The World Homeopathy Awareness Organization (WHAO) is a not-for-profit international organization, run by volunteers.  Our primary goals are to co-ordinate increased public awareness of homeopathy around the world and to improve accessibility to homeopathic remedies and qualified homeopathic treatment.

WHAO co-ordinates with international organizations to promote homeopathic awareness world-wide.  We bring together representatives from each member country to work together to organize homeopathy awareness opportunities, to share ideas and resources, and to promote accurate information about homeopathy and its availability in each country.

Founded in 2005 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Hahnemann (April 10, 1755), the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization became a registered charity in the Netherlands in 2008.  We are governed by a Board elected by our member organizations.  Our current Board is comprised of President, Deepak Sharma (India), Vice-President, Jo Twiss (Canada),
and Secretary/Treasurer,
Barbara Hoogendoorn (Netherlands).

Please note:  The World Homeopathy Awareness Organization does not offer remedy or treatment suggestions in response to queries about any health condition.  Such advice requires a thorough casetaking and analysis by a qualified homeopath.  For appropriate treatment, check the directories listed on the websites of our national members