By-laws of World Homeopathy Awareness Organization (WHAO) version 2017

Article 1 Name and Legal status
1.01: The organisation is called World Homeopathy Awareness Organization, hereinafter referred to as WHAO.
1.02: WHAO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and is incorporated as a foundation under the law
of The Netherlands.
1.03: The headquarters are determined by where the board decides.

Article 2 Purposes
The purposes of the WHAO are:
1. To create an worldwide network to promote homeopathy
2. To plan and co-ordinate an annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week
3. To provide the infra-structure of WHAW to facilitate participation
4. To share ideas and resources
5. To provide promotional materials on homeopathy
6. To facilitate public awareness avenues for participants
7. To collect reliable research to back up our science pertinent to WHAW themes
8. To support homeopathic organizations around the world

Article 3 Participants
3.01: Participation within the WHAO is possible for any homeopathic association, group, or society, representing
professionally-trained homeopaths or their patients
3.02: There can be more than one organization be a participant of WHAO in each country.
3.03: In countries where there is no organization applying for participating individuals may serve as WHAO
contact persons.
3.04: The representatives of participating organizations and individuals mentioned in 3.03 are called ‘contact persons’.